Louisiana Democratic Party Accepts Immigrant Policy Resolution

On Saturday, August 18, 2018, the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee met in the state House chamber in Baton Rouge to vote on candidate endorsements and resolutions. It was a proud moment for me, as my first resolution to the state party was introduced, voted on, and passed unanimously.

For some time now, I have been disgusted by the actions of our government in regards to the treatment of immigrants at our southern border. Day after day, we see stories of children separated from their families, many never being reunited again. It’s disappointing and embarrassing, the depths to which our society has morally sunk.

While there is little any of us can do individually to rectify this problem, I did the one thing within my power. I wrote “A Resolution In Support Of Keeping Migrant Families Together” which did more than just address the separation issue. I wanted to fully condemn the inhumane treatment of immigrants seeking refuge and asylum in our country, a policy which is a slap in the face of our Statue of Liberty and the welcoming words inscribed with her.

The passing of this resolution means it is an official position of the Louisiana Democratic Party. While individual office holders are free to treat the issue however they see fit (or however their donors see fit, in many circumstances), I feel it is nonetheless a small victory for human rights. I will continue to bring this issue to the attention of my local lawmakers, in hopes they will support a change to the larger policy.

CLICK HERE to read the full text of my resolution.

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